Top 10 EMR systems for general practices in 2021

Top 10 EMRSystems

General practitioners have to deal with a magnitude of information and patients. With the absence of an intelligent software, providing quality care can be overwhelming and stressful. To ease your concerns, we have generated a list of the top 10 EMR systems for general practices. Keep on reading to know more about their advanced features that will augment your facility’s performance. 

DrChrono EHR 

Founded in 2009, DrChrono EHR offers IT healthcare solutions to general practices of all sizes. With a cloud-based platform and mobile integration, the user-friendly software can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Customizable medical forms are offered that can be adapted as per a facility’s requirements and facilities. Time is saved when documenting notes due to the clinical note smart shortcuts.

eClinicalWorks EMR 

With a clientele of more than 130,000 physicians across the US, eClinicalWorks is a software provider that needs no introduction. Eva is the company’s virtual assistant that is available for all its users. Eva can be used to review medical records, compare progress sheets, and access educational content. The Healow app enables practitioners to provide care on the go. 

PrognoCIS EMR 

Bizmatics introduced PrognoCIS in 2002 to make the lives of doctors more manageable. Realizing there is more than record-keeping, the EMR provides a streamlined mechanism of collecting payments for the services offered. Automated eligibility checks verify whether a patient’s insurance plan is active and is sufficient enough to cover a particular treatment. This will limit occurrences of denied claims in the future. 

Amazing Charts EHR 

Developed by a physician for physicians, Amazing Charts EHR has been in the industry since 2001. The company offers an interactive patient portal that enables them to review their visit summaries, access educational content, read test results, and update their personal information, among other features. Apart from this, intra-office communication is made possible through the system’s efficient messaging tool.

Practice Fusion EHR 

Practice Fusion EHR is an affordable medical system that offers a suite of advanced solutions. The intuitive software enables practitioners to work less by inviting patients to play a more active role in receiving healthcare. Patients can schedule appointments at a time convenient for them. They can also fill check-in forms before appointments so that no time is wasted. 

Athenahealth EHR 

With a clientele of 160,000 providers that further caters to 117 million patients, Athenahealth EHR is a leader in the industry of EMR softwares. This advanced system creates a centralized database where all medical records are stored and updated in real-time. Images can be securely tagged to the relevant patient’s chart for better record-keeping and analysis. 

NextGen Healthcare

For 46 years, NextGen Healthcare has been making the lives of doctors easier. It enables its users to document notes faster through its talk, type, and touch features. The speech converter tool is one of the finest in the industry and is compliant with the specific medical technology of general practices. Additionally, the analytics and reporting tool enables users to compare their performance with their competitors. 

Praxis EMR 

Praxis EMR is an award-winning medical software provider that has been in the industry for 25 years. The company offers a no-template design since it believes that pre-built templates slow down a practice. Its artificial intelligence engine, Concept Processor, understands how a facility operates and then adapts to it. Users decide the way patient profiles will be charted and in what design.


Founded in 1997, CureMD EMR is a well-recognized name in the market of EMR softwares. Its e-prescribing tool effortlessly shares prescriptions with 40,000 pharmacies throughout the country. This tool can be used to access complete medication histories of patients. With this historical data, doctors can identify past allergic reactions as well as analyze trends on the treatments provided previously.  

Meditech EHR 

The last on our list of the top 10 EMR systems is Meditech EMR. Expanse is Meditech’s virtual assistant that responds to verbal commands from doctors. It can be used to check a patient’s last recorded blood pressure to know the status of a submitted claim. The MHealth app enables patients to schedule appointments online, renew their prescription refills, attend virtual consultations, message doctors as well as complete questionnaires at home. 

Which EMR System for General Practice Should I Choose?

The list mentioned above of the top 10 EMR systems should give you an idea regarding which software to opt for. We recommend trying out free demos and reading customer reviews to get a better understanding of a system’s features. Remember, the best EMR software is one that fulfills your requirements from it.


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