When will 5G be available in Pakistan?

    5G available in Pakistan

    When will 5G be available in Pakistan? This question may come to your mind as well. It is not so far that there will 5G available in Pakistan soon. But when this is a most curious thing that has seen in most of the people. With the enhancement and development of technology every other passing day, we’re coming up with new terms and technologies that promise a bright and better future. According to one of the posts by Pakistan Tech News and other well-known websites. Such as Pro Pakistani, Tech Juice, and so on. This news is one of the most importantly posted over there. In the world of technology, one must be aware of the terms 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies. With the existence of these four mobile networks, the world has now reached to the fifth one i.e. 5G. Basically, these 1G-5G are the five generations of mobile networks. The countries like South Korea, United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States are already enjoying the perks of having 5G.

    Advanced 5G mobile network

    Talking specifically about Pakistan, it has started its journey to this advanced 5G mobile network, with a hundred times faster speed than those of 4G networks, tech observers are advertising the fact that the availability of 5G will not be less than a revolution. However, unfortunately, the shift to 5G is not that easy as the shift was from 3G to 4G. It will not take a decade but years for a country like Pakistan to make this huge jump.

    Since we are talking about Pakistan, we know the bitter and sad fact that even in the 21st century; some areas of Pakistan aren’t even blessed with the 4G network which makes it very clear that the jump on 5G for Pakistan is not an easy task at all. Research shows that even 90 million Pakistanis still do not have access to the internet. Let’s talk about the current situation of the country i.e. the pandemic. In the time of Pandemic, since schools are shut and studying through online system’ is being introduced but unfortunately, most of the cities in Pakistan do not even have access to the Internet which makes the situation worse as it is causing a great academic loss.

    5G available in Pakistan

    When the wave of 3G and 4G hit the country, internet usage was entirely different. Due to the hype of 3G and 4G, things like maps and other such stuff came in the use by the huge amount of people now the same people are anxiously waiting for the fifth generation i.e. 5G as they are now expecting more than before. But here is this bad news for the same people expecting to have 5G technology anytime soon but to state the fact which is; it isn’t happening in a matter of weeks and months. Even a country like the United States has 5G only in 25 cities. So you can imagine that it will take time in other countries of the world.

    As in Pakistan, it has tested by China in 2019 as well, which is mentioned that quite a good experience. Similarly, China has only 50 cities to have a 5G network. We see that there is a long way to go for the world, and it can go longer for Pakistan since it requires immense expenditures to have a 5G network.

    The sad story does not end, here comes the next even worse news; the devices available in this country that can support this brand new technology are very expensive and less in amount. So, if you have a phone with less than Rs 100,000, you don’t need to be excited at all.

    To wrap up the presence of 5G in Pakistan; we can gain a lot with this new 5G network but as there is no proper legislation, and since we’re not economically that stable to afford it right at the moment, we remain far behind in the technology.


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