The Coldest Computer Of The World

The coldest Computer of the World
The coldest Computer of the World

If we imagine under attack is the US. Then will be loaded enemy aircraft and moves towards the destination where the attack occurs. But the best defence of a nation, not a missile system or aircraft carrier. It’s incredibly a box of cold atoms.
Already one firm introduced ColdQuantra. And with defence research agency of the US singed recently a contract to build a quantum computer for fastest work.
This computer can work more efficiently and quickly than previous computers. This is not important for only military applications but also will be used for investment strategies, drug designs, larger vehicles, complex scheduling problems, or encryption-cracking.

What about Quantum Computer?

It is a machine that performs calculations. And on the laws of quantum mechanics, these calculations are based.
The project of Cold Quantra is based on collecting the ability of a lot of atoms as qubits. And the building blocks of a quantum computer are qubits. And for this purpose atoms should be so cold that the coldest computer is making. These computers are publicized highly, and companies like web content service are trying to build something best from traditional computers.

By the lasers trapped atoms in a glass box

For this purpose the lasers trapped atoms in the glass box. And gathered rubidium atoms inside a vacuum together or inside a rectangular or hexagonal glass box, about high two inches, deep one inch or wide one inch. And by lasers, these atoms are held in the glass box.

But the temperature is very important for this purpose. Because without maintaining temperature, it is difficult to hold and manipulate atoms in place. So on atoms shinning lasers that prompts them to slow down and release some energy. And it is made possible by these lasers to almost keep them perfectly still, and for this purpose, it is the real point. But the cold means not is that we can feel cold, rather atoms are noticeably just slowed down. It is just doing to slow down the atoms that we arrange them or lined-up according to our need. Over atoms this is fine-grained control it means that can be placed these atoms in two or three-dimensional formations. And in the heart of quantum computers, can cluster these atoms to each other. This is the most important thing because the capabilities of computers are doubled with every additional atom.

To excite neutral atoms by hitting them with another laser, that greatly their size increase. And these adjustments of neutral atoms connect atoms or encode information through a phenomenon called entanglement. Ant the collection of qubits as a system can work together that can help to represent or modify a mathematical problem or some problem.
This system theoretically programs those that will use a quantum computer, to stimulate at one a large number of possibilities. It is not similar to traditional computers that in parallel a lot of calculations processing. So the exact information not available about these computers but these are less predictable and stranger.

A useful task of quantum computers to perform

The ultimate state of quantum computers is they will help to answer and solve the problem that we want to solve. But these computers are more than from that. They should answer a particular problem or favouring a particular state. For any right problem, it should provide an optimal response than in traditionally computers more efficiently and quickly.

And people still waiting for the computer system demonstration where these machines can work more properly, and there is a need for actually useful and classic computers.

An advantage takes quantum computers of the strange atoms interaction

Pascal, a French company, is building on the base of ColdQuantra principle a prototype system. For energy giant EDF use this Pasqal system. That for charging vehicles that electric supper efficient-program will provide. And the purpose of this system to reduce time, the time that all vehicles take to recharging completely. While over others more some other vehicles are also prioritizing. By a traditional computer addressed this problem and it is said that when the experimental stages of quantum computers are finished, then these become significantly faster and then 24 hours work fast in one hour.

It does not look like a big thing, but when we can solve our problem only in one hour, then we feel a big change or difference from traditional computers. And in the process than a supercomputer, it will use less electricity 100 times.

At this moment it considers the most faster computers in the world, but after a few years, something faster than these computers must be introduced by scientists to the world. That will be the next breed of these quantum computers.

In its experimental stage still Quantum computers

We are listening from many sides that after 40 months a machine of quantum computers will be launching, made up of thousands of qubits, and a real defence problem can be solved.

The information not present in detail because it is still in its experimental stages. But the best example of that is the key point of these quantum computers. As for any scenario maybe there thousands of possible solutions but the best solution is quantum computers.

For business more technology

It is considered for business more technology. Because these also use for other purposes. The initial impact of these computers is good. The other computers take to fix problems a day or many hours, but these can fix issues faster by finding optimal solutions.

Under development, several kinds of quantum computers. But this approach is unusual such as qubits the cold neutral atoms. These computers are better and different than any charged atom use projects or from other superconducting computers that large companies developed like Google or IBM.

The superconducting computers were made at low temperatures, not like this temperature that uses for qubits, and these also do not use single atoms.

Indeed quantum computers are the big approach to technology. And will be one of the best technologies. One day came when these computers were replacing silicon ships just like vacuum tubes replaced by the transistor. Technology is required every day to develop quantum computers. But is still research theoretical of these quantum computers. It will be the best approach to technology that will be helpful.


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